Sustainable Financing Framework & Issuances

In January 2021, Southern Company became the first large cap utility in the U.S. to publish a Sustainable Financing Framework (“The Framework”), which outlines the eligible green and social projects our issuing entities can allocate proceeds towards when issuing green, social, or sustainability bonds. A green bond is a bond the proceeds of which are allocated towards eligible projects with environmental benefits, while proceeds from a social bond are allocated towards projects with social benefits. A sustainability bond, the proceeds of which are allocated towards projects with environmental and social benefits, is a combination of a green bond and social bond. As of December 31 2023, Southern Company’s subsidiaries have issued a total of $6.5 billion in principal amount of green, social, and sustainability bonds

The Framework not only highlights Southern Company’s ongoing commitment to a wide range of sustainability and social issues, but it also allows us to leverage our efforts in these areas to help optimize our balance sheet and benefit customers. The links and table below provide more information on the Southern Company system’s sustainable financings and their benefits.

Quarterly Treasury Schedules (information as of 12/31/2023)
Additional Information

This webpage contains forward-looking statements, including expected financing activities and expected allocation of proceeds from financings. Please see certain risks associated with these statements, available here.