A sustainability bond is a bond the proceeds of which are allocated towards the financing or refinancing of eligible projects with environmental and social benefits. Through our subsidiaries Georgia Power and Mississippi Power, the Southern Company system has issued 2 series of sustainability bonds totaling nearly $1.1 billion.

Southern Company System Sustainability Bonds: Issuance Information1

$ amounts in Millions
Issuer Date Issued Series2 Coupon Principal
Maturity CUSIP Net
% Allocated to
Green Spend
% Allocated to
Social Spend
Georgia Power Feb-2021 2021A 3.25% $750 Mar-2051 373334KP5 $742.7 65% 35%
Mississippi Power3 Jun-2021 2021B 3.10% $325 Jul-2051 605417CD4 $318.7 TBD TBD
Southern Company System (Total Principal Amount) $1,075

1 As of 2/25/2022

2 Click a Series to view its Prospectus Supplement

3 Mississippi Power is expected to complete its allocation of proceeds prior to July 2022

Per our Sustainable Financing Framework, an issuer has up to 12 months from the time of issuance to allocate net proceeds. As of 2/25/2022, Georgia Power has completed its allocation of an amount equal to the net proceeds it received in its Series 2021A issuance. We expect Mississippi Power to complete its allocation for its Series 2021B issuance prior to July 2022.

Southern Company Sustainability Bonds Impact Summary1

Issuer Series2 Category Number of Suppliers Type /
Net Proceeds
Allocated ($M)
Project In-Service Date Fact Sheet Capacity (MW) Electricity
Generated (GWh)1
Total CO2 Offset
Total Home
Power Equivalent4
Renewable Energy Owned Solar $161 Robins Air Force Base Apr-2021 Click Here 128 243 172,165 22,660
$72 Moody Air Force Base Jun-2020 Click Here 50 95 67,044 8,824
Solar PPA $171 Various (GA)
Wind PPA $76 Various (OK)
Georgia Power 2021A Diverse / Small Business Suppliers 55 Minority-Owned $58
3 Woman-Owned $139
13 Veteran-Owned $2
11 Small Business Enterprise $64
Renewable Energy
Mississippi Power 2021B Diverse / Small Business Suppliers TBD

1 Environmental data for Georgia Power as of 12/31/2021; Mississippi Power data is expected to be reported in the second half of 2022

2 Click a Series to view its Prospectus Supplement

3 Carbon offset factor = 0.709 based on 2019 methodology per EIA online calculator https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

4 Number of homes factor = 0.09332 based on EIA average 893 kWh per month electricity consumption for 2020 https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=97&t=3

The net proceeds from these sustainability bonds have been allocated to eligible projects that provide significant environmental and social benefits, underscoring the Southern Company system’s commitment to not only providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity to customers and communities, but also our company’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and being a citizen wherever we serve.

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