A green bond is a bond the proceeds of which are allocated towards eligible projects with environmental benefits.

As of December 31, 2021, Southern Power has completed the issuance of approximately $3.5 billion of green bonds across 7 series.

In 2015, Southern Power completed the issuance of $1 billion of green bonds (Series 2015C and 2015D), becoming the first investment-grade power producer in the U.S. to offer this type of security to support investment in sustainable generation. In June of 2016, Southern Power completed a second issuance of €1.1 billion (or $1.24 billion equivalent) of green bonds in Europe (Series 2016A and 2016B), becoming the largest corporate issuer of green bonds in the U.S. at that time. In November of 2016, Southern Power completed a third issuance of $900 million of green bonds (Series 2016D and 2016E). In January 2021, Southern Power issued a $400 million green bond (Series 2021A). These green bond issuances underscore Southern Power's commitment to innovation and to further developing a full portfolio of energy resources.

Each time Southern Power issues green bonds, the company commits to allocate an amount equal to the net proceeds (or USD equivalent thereof) from the bonds to renewable energy generation projects in the U.S., such as solar and wind power generation facilities (Eligible Green Projects), and to report the key environmental features of those projects.

Below you can see the specific Eligible Green Projects to which Southern Power has allocated the proceeds from the company’s four green bond issuances, the environmental benefits of those projects and Southern Power's management assertion letter together with the independent accountants' attestation report.

November 2015 Issuance
June 2016 Euro Issuance
November 2016 Issuance
January 2021 Issuance

Southern Power’s affiliate, Georgia Power, has also issued green bonds. For more information on Georgia Power green bonds please click here.