As shown below, Georgia Power allocated an amount equal to ~$608M of net proceeds to eligible social spend (77%), while the balance of the net proceeds (~$179M, or 23%) was allocated to eligible green spend.

GPC Sustainability Bond Net Proceeds Allocation: $787M

$0 $75 $150 $225 $300 $375 $450 $525 $600 $675 $750 $800
Green: $179M
Social: $608M
Renewable PPA:
$140M (18%)
Renewable Capex:
$39M (5%)
Diverse Supplier Spend:
$486M (62%)
Small Business
Supplier Spend:
$64M (9%)
Solar PPA:
$105M (4%)
Wind PPA:
$35M (4%)
Robins: $10M (1%)
Ft Valley: $14M (2%)
Ft Gordon: $2M (<1%)
Mossy Branch: $14M (2%)
$109M (14%)
$370M (47%)
$7M (<1%)
Small Business Supplier Spend:
$64M (9%)
Note: totals may not foot due to rounding

Georgia Power allocated an amount equal to the net proceeds to various renewable energy projects—such as self-owned solar facilities and renewable PPAs—as well as to a number of diversity-owned and small-business enterprises. As shown below, the environmental and social benefits from this sustainability bond underscore Georgia Power’s commitment to being a Citizen Wherever We Serve.

Georgia Power Company 2022B Sustainability Bond Impact Summary1

Issuer Series2 Category Number of Suppliers Type /
Net Proceeds
Allocated ($M)
Project In-Service Date Fact Sheet Capacity (MW) Electricity
Generated (GWh)1
Total CO2 Offset
Home Power
Renewable Energy $10 Robins Air Force Base Apr-2021 Click Here 128 723 513,134 67,557
Owned Solar $14 Fort Valley State Jan-2022 Click Here 10.7 42 30,135 3,967
$2 Fort Gordon Oct-2016 Click Here 30 112 79,281 10,436
Owned BESS3 $14 Mossy Branch Est. 2024 * 65 - - -
Solar PPA $105 Various (GA)
Wind PPA $35 Various (OK)
Georgia Power 2022B Diverse / Small Business Suppliers 119 Minority-Owned $109
278 Woman-Owned $370
14 Veteran-Owned $7
434 Small Business Enterprise $122

1 Environmental data as of 12/31/2023

2 Click the Series to view the Prospectus Supplement

3 Battery Energy Storage System. Included in "Owned Solar" in Management Assertion letter. Designed duration for Mossy Branch is 4 hours and is scheduled to be in-service in 2024

3 Carbon offset factor = 0.71 based on 2019 methodology per EIA online calculator (EIA's most recent update)

4Number of homes factor = 0.0927 based on EIA average 899 kWh per month electricity consumption for 2023

For more information, click here for the Management Assertion and Independent Accountants' Attestation Report.