Southern Company’s foundation is built on being a citizen wherever we serve. We are fully engaged with and committed to the success of employees, customers, stockholders and communities. Our Values foster a diverse, inclusive, equitable and innovative culture so that employees can execute our business strategy with agility and accountability.

Safety First

At Southern Company, Safety First is one of our key values. We believe the safety of our employees and customers is paramount. Our goal is to complete "every day, every job, safely." We continue to invest in enhancing our safety processes, safety culture and risk reduction to prevent injuries, resulting in meeting or exceeding our safety-related goals. We use various metrics to indicate the effectiveness of the company’s safety efforts. These metrics help guide us in our execution of activities which strengthen safety performance and culture.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic centered around our Safety First philosophy. We developed a pandemic playbook for Southern Company that was ultimately leveraged and deployed by several peer utilities. Key elements included extensive CDC-compliant safety programs at our operational sites, coverage of all COVID-19 testing through our benefit plans and new well-being toolkits with resources addressing stress management, exercising, healthy eating and working from home.

For key safety metrics, please review the ESG Data Table and the EEI ESG/Sustainability Reporting Template found here.

Our Human Capital Beliefs
  • We believe in and invest in the well-being of our employees through a total rewards strategy that includes competitive salary, annual incentive awards for almost all employees* and health, welfare and retirement benefits designed to encourage physical, financial and emotional/social well-being.
  • Development and retention of our talent is a priority. The addition of external hires augments our existing workforce as we seek to meet changing business needs, address any critical skill gaps and supplement and diversify our talent pipelines.
  • We are proud of our positive relationships with labor unions and support the rights to collective bargaining and freedom of association.
  • We support human rights and are opposed to all forms of forced labor, child labor and other human rights abuses.
  • Our employees, suppliers and partners are expected to act in a manner consistent with Our Values, Our Human Capital Beliefs, Our Code of Ethics and U.S. and international law.

* Certain employees are not eligible for our incentive program due to collective bargaining agreements.

Our Human Capital Pillars

Diversity Icon Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • We are committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace to better serve our customers and communities.
  • Our strategy for recruiting, hiring, retaining and developing employees includes a deliberate focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • We integrate continuous feedback from employees to refine our commitments and actions.

Diversity makes us stronger and provides a competitive advantage

  • Adopted new commitments to attract, engage, include and retain a diverse workforce
  • Management team includes 24% women and 22% people of color
  • Committed to enhanced transparency and will begin disclosing aggregated EEO-1 workforce diversity data in 2021

Rewards Icon Rewards & Well-Being

  • We define total well-being in three categories: physical, financial and emotional well-being.
  • We provide meaningful and valuable benefits that support all employees.
  • We continue to evaluate and modernize our programs to help ensure they attract, engage, include and retain the workforce necessary for today and tomorrow.

Total Rewards strategy provides physical, financial and emotional well-being

  • Highly skilled and technical jobs are compensated for outstanding performance
  • Conducted comprehensive pay equity analysis throughout the enterprise using third-party experts
  • Improved employees' 401(k) utilization and understanding (e.g. increased participation to 94%, Increased average saving rate close to 10%)
  • 82% of workforce participate in physical well-being programs
  • Significant investments in emotional well-being programs

Talent Icon Talent Development

  • We focus development on Business Imperatives: Inclusivity, Emotional Intelligence, Courage and Business Execution.
  • Through a robust succession planning process and strategic external hiring, we help ensure a well-qualified and diverse pipeline of leaders.
  • Our custom internal programs, external partnerships and online resources provide career and leadership development opportunities for employees at all levels – from individual contributors to senior leaders.
  • Across Southern, our performance management process, Connected Conversations, provides a platform for frequent and meaningful performance and development conversations between managers and employees, driving individual performance and growth.

Talent Development is key to leadership readiness, employee engagement and retention

  • Leadership roles are primarily filled from succession planning slates, often providing opportunity for intercompany transfers
  • Highly engaged workforce as measured by Voice of the Employee Survey
  • Low turnover rates and high promotion rates into first-time supervisor roles

Workforce Icon Workforce Sustainability

  • We focus on having the right people with the right skills who are trained to perform their jobs safely to meet current and future business requirements.
  • Safety First: We believe the safety of our employees and customers is paramount. We strive to perform and maintain every job, every day, safely.
  • Strong relationships with labor unions improves the lives of our employees and communities.
  • We focus on training to help ensure that each employee has a specific developmental program for personal growth and career development.

Sustainable jobs within our communities

  • Over 30% of employees were covered by agreements with labor unions
  • Over 40 hours of training per year for most employees

Community Icon Community

  • Partnerships with businesses, academic institutions, local governments and other organizations bring new business to our service footprint.
  • Our charitable support is designed to focus on the issues critical to the success of the Company, customers and our stockholders; the Company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion extends to the way we support our communities.
  • We foster collaborative partnerships with schools to invest in the next generation with STEM-focused programs.

A community-focused business model is important to our long-term success

  • We are engaged citizens in the local community
  • We are bigger than the bottom line
  • Committed over $200 million to advance racial equity and social justice in our communities over the next five years

Southern Company Values:

Southern Company Total Rewards

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Equity

For years, striving toward equity has been a part of our focus on building a healthy culture. Southern Company is committed to an equitable and inclusive workplace that mirrors the diverse communities we serve, and we are working diligently to prevent inequities in our companies and help ensure a fair and just culture, from the boardroom to the front lines. We have refocused our efforts toward a more holistic goal of diversity, equity and inclusion, helping to ensure all groups are welcomed, well represented, engaged and fairly treated throughout the organization.

We are proud of our ongoing commitment to foster racial justice. We are committed to be a role model among companies forging change. Following events in 2020 highlighting racial injustice in our society, we have developed a framework which confirms our collective commitment to racial equity. Key efforts include:

  • Talent: Committing to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace to better serve our customers and communities; increase and improve outreach, recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse groups at all levels of the workforce; help ensure equity in leadership development programs; and seek diverse candidate slates for all positions, including management roles
  • Culture: Committing to promote an actively anti-racist culture and to help ensure that all groups, and especially historically underrepresented and marginalized groups, are well-represented, included and fairly treated within all levels of the organization and that everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected
  • Community: Committing $200 million over five years to advance racial equity and social justice in our communities with a focus on criminal justice reform, economic empowerment and the advancement of educational equality. This includes a planned donation of $50 million to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in our service territories. As part of this commitment, the Southern Company Foundation announced a partnership with Apple with each company investing $25 million to launch the Propel Center, a new digital learning hub, business incubator, and global innovation headquarters located in Atlanta for students of HBCUs throughout the nation.
  • Political Engagement: Advocating for racial equity through our political engagement, policy positions and ongoing public dialogues
  • Suppliers: Aiming to increase our minority business enterprise spend to 20% and total diverse spend to 30% by 2025 and committing to developing and doing business with more Black-owned businesses in our industry and communities

Be The Change

Moving to Racial Equity

Suppliers and Supplier Diversity

Citizen Wherever We Serve

Southern Company system employees are inextricably woven into the communities we are privileged to serve. Our employees can be seen quickly restoring power in neighborhoods hit by storms, at community events and our supporting local charities. Our policy to be "a citizen wherever we serve" goes back to our earliest beginnings.

  • In an average year, our retirees and employees dedicate approximately 200,000 hours of volunteer service to improve the communities we serve.
  • We make direct corporate contributions and endow and fund independent, non-profit company foundations that contribute to arts and culture, health and human services, civic and community projects, safety, education and the environment. Total giving across the system typically exceeds $65 million annually.

Southern Company Outreach and Engagement

Our operating companies are deeply engaged in community service and outreach. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about these local initiatives.

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Georgia Power

Mississippi Power

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