We seek to establish corporate governance standards and practices that create long-term value for our stockholders and positive influences on the governance of the Company. Core to effective governance is regular investor and stakeholder engagement. We regularly engage in discussions with, and provide comprehensive information for, constituents interested in Southern Company’s strategy, performance, governance, citizenship, stewardship and environmental compliance. We are receptive to stakeholder input, and we are committed to transparency and proactive interactions.

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Proxy Statement

New or notable in this proxy statement

  • Environmental and social highlights that are of interest to our investors another stakeholders (page 5)
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement efforts that include independent Director participation and how we have responded to feedback (page 27, 53)
  • Describe "Rooney Rule" language in Corporate Governance Guidelines confirming the Board's commitment to actively seek out diverse candidates (page 33)
  • Board oversight of key ESG risks (page 5)
  • Cybersecurity governance and risk oversight (page 40)
  • GHG reduction goal is part of the CEO's long-term equity incentive compensation program (page 65)
  • How we link our compensation program design to our strategy on key ESG matters (page 58)
  • Enhanced Clawback Policy that applies to senior management (page 70)