For more than a century, Southern Company has been building the future of energy. We are committed to a clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy future for our customers and communities. The Southern Company system’s policy is to conduct business in ways that are protective of the environment and communities. As it relates to the environment, a primary focus of our investment and stakeholder communities is our company’s approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our GHG Reduction Goals

In 2018, we set an interim goal to reduce system-wide GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 (from 2007 levels) and a long-term goal of low- to no- carbon emissions by 2050. Since 2018, the discourse around decarbonization efforts in the U.S. and beyond, including with our Board and stakeholders, has evolved to incorporate concepts related to negative carbon technologies. In 2020, as a result of this evolution and our evaluation of opportunities to incorporate net zero concepts into our long-term strategy, we updated our long-term GHG emissions reduction goal to net zero emissions by 2050.

We believe our path to net zero by 2050 will be achieved through:

  • Continued coal transition
  • Utilization of natural gas to enable fleet transition
  • Further growth in portfolio of zero-carbon resources
  • Negative carbon solutions
  • Enhanced energy efficiency initiatives
  • Continued investment in R&D focused on clean energy technologies

In 2020, we achieved a 52% reduction in GHG emissions driven by a combination of reduced demand due to the pandemic, mild weather and the continued deployment of zero-carbon resources. We expect to reach a sustainable reduction of 50% by 2025, or possibly earlier.

For detailed information on key emissions and environmental metrics, please review our Key Data and Reports

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