Political Contributions

Political Contributions

Southern Company and its subsidiaries comply with all laws governing the making of political contributions or expenditures, including independent expenditures, using corporate funds in connection with elections for public office. Any use of corporate funds to make political contributions or independent expenditures (as defined by applicable law) in connection with elections for public office must be approved in advance by the Chief Executive Officer, the senior External Affairs Officer and the General Counsel (if applicable) of the Southern Company entity making the disbursement. Southern Company contributions in 2016 were as follows:

2016 Political Contributions Report
Contribution Recipient Amount
Republican Governors Association $103,529
58th Presidential Inauguration Committee 100,000
Republican Attorneys General Association 85,000
Democratic Governors Association 50,000
Republican State Leadership Committee 50,000
Congressional Black Caucus Institute 35,000
Congressional Leadership Fund 25,000
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee 12,000
Total $460,529.00


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Lobbying-Related Activities

Engagement in legislative and regulatory proceedings at the federal, state and local levels of government is crucial to the success of Southern Company. Southern Company and its subsidiaries devote substantial attention and resources to interaction with government officials as public policy is debated and laws and regulations are developed. In addition, Southern Company works closely with trade associations and industry coalitions in its government relations activities. Southern Company made payments of $50,000 or more in 2016 to the following trade associations and coalitions engaged in lobbying-related activities:

2016 Trade Association Report
Contribution Recipient Amount Used for Political Purposes
U.S. Chamber of Commerce $787,500
Edison Electric Institute 406,892
Electricity Reliability Coordinating Council 193,764
Business Round Table 115,150
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity 100,000
Nuclear Energy Institute 79,004
Reforming America's Taxes Equitably 37,500
Nation Association of Manufacturers 32,763
Total $1,752,573

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